Digital Marketing, Website Development & Custom Software

Are you a small to medium sized business owner? Looking to increase sales online? Automate workflows?

Hi, we are Horizon.

We are a team of web developers and digital marketers.

Whether it’s customized software such as bookkeeping for your business, or an online presence to help drive sales, we can help you. Anything is possible.


Digital Marketing

Your beautiful website isn’t going to get the exposure it deserves without digital marketing. Let us help you reach your online goals.


Web Development

Good for branding, making a profit, or even just putting your own customized software online so it can be accessible anywhere.


Customized Software

Have a specialized use case? From staff performance software to engineering calculations, we’ve got you covered. Make your life easier by moving away from spreadsheets.



User experience should be intuitive and easy. But if required, we’ll teach you how to maintain and operate your software.

How it works

Technology has enabled us to complete entire projects with people halfway across the world.

Get in touch! We will discuss your goals and the requirements of the site.

Create your own mock-up in whatever format and we’ll put it online.

Test out your new prototype! This is where we make changes and fixes.

Enjoy! Want more? Consider signing up for our digital marketing service.

Recent Projects

Check out our recent projects!

Why us?

We’re sure to please.


Depending on the scale of your project, we’re able to complete it in as fast as a week. Also your website will be properly optimized. Test it with this site.


Your site will come with the best anti-spam and hacking protection. Be careful not to lock yourself out.


Your site will be fully ready for digital marketing. Track user interactions for tailored ads and better ads performance.

Cost efficient

Just to remain competitive, if you can find someone to do the same thing for less with proof, we’ll match their rate.

Why do it yourself?

Save precious time for the things you’re good at and leave the rest to us.